How Induction Cooktop Works?

Induction Cooktop is used in similar way as stoves are used. Hence it is a cooktop that doesn’t use burners or any other heating elements under the cooking pan. Induction Cooktop uses a series of electromagnets in the form of electromagnet field to heat the pan. However, the amazing thing is that it does not heat the cooking surface neither produces heat in the kitchen. Isn’t amazing?

But, wait! You might be confusing what is induction is? Well, induction is a process by which electromagnetic or electric effect produces in a magnetized body when it comes in contact with a variation of the field. Hard to understand? Well in simple words electromagnetic energy is used to heat the cooking pans or pots directly.

Simple induction cooktop formula:

Electromagnetic energy+ magnetic cooking pan= Cooktop Induction +efficiency

You might have a question in your mind that why not to use electric cooktops? Well, it is your right to think from the angle of 360 while choosing the best product for the kitchen because at the end of the day it is all about your choice and comfort. You can also check benefits of induction cooktop.

Let’s see a comparison between Electric Cooktop and Induction Cooktop:

How many time do you have burned yourself while cooking on the electric cooktop? While if you are a lover of cooking, then you just had put a little glance on the scar and move on. However, a good induction cooktop is all about safety and security. Electric cooktops use burners. However, what happens when the burners on? The heat of course, and it is obvious to heat while cooking. However, it does not only produce heat around the cooktop but also heats up the whole kitchen. This is not a case with an induction cooktop. It does not require any burner neither it heats up the surface around the cooking pan. The heat only produces under the cooking pot not produces heat around the areas of cookware.

  • Economical:

The one main feature of an induction cooktop is that it consumes less heat as compare to electric cooktop because it produces heat where it is needed that automatically results in less power consumption.

  • Cleaning:

The cleaning of an induction cooktop is much easier than the electric cooktop. It is as much more comfortable as cleaning countertops. On electric cooktops, the food caked on but not this case with induction cooktops.

You can easily see the difference between electric and induction cooktops. Now you will be curious how good induction cooktop works?

How does induction cooktop work?

  1. The surface of best induction cooktop is made up of hard, heat resistant glass-ceramic such as Schott CERAN.
  2. There is a wounded coil inside the body of the cooktop. So when you turn the power of induction cooktops ON, there produces a magnetic field due to current flow through the foil. The magnetic field is of high-frequency and invisible in nature. In spite of that the pan is placed on the cooktop, but still, no heat produces around the cooking zone. The home power supply usually alternates at 50-60Hz which means 50-60 times in a second while the induction cooktop alternates at 500-1000 times per second which means 20-40 kHz.
  3. When the cookware place on the cooktop, there produces a magnetic field which pierces the iron inside the coil
  4. This electric field then induces an eddy current inside the cooking pan which turns directly into the heat.
  5. The heat produces by the induction directly transfer to the food and water.
  6. This is the working process of induction cooktops now let’s find out the advantages of an induction cooktop.

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