Pros and Cons of Induction Cooktop.

Now lets see what are the advantages and disadvantages of an induction cooktop.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Induction Cooktop.


  • Speed:

The chief advantage of an induction cooktop is its high speed. It takes less time to heat and cook the food as compare to gas and electric cooktops. The speed is due to the involvement of electromagnetic field which produces which we have already discussed above. It usually takes less time approximately 25-50 percent less time than the average cooking time of other cooktops.

  • Efficiency:

The induction cooktop would be more efficient than the electric and gas cooktops. If you think about the heat than gas cooktops are going to produce more heat. Similar is the case with electric cooktops which produce much heat around the surface? While talking about induction cooktops then you do not need to worry about the heat. Electric cooktops work as a middleman in the heating process, but this is not a case with induction cooktops. In electric cooktops, the heat indirectly travels to the pan, and in induction, it directly transfers the heat.

  • Less power consumption:

Electric cooktops consume more power as compare to the induction cooktops because in induction cooktops the heat only produces beneath the pan nor around the surface which results in less consumption of power as compare to electric cooktops.


The only disadvantage of an induction cooktop is its price. You know unfortunately we never tick all the sections all the time. That is mean if you count the amount of cleaning the caked food from the induction cooktop product and the amount of energy that it saves in your savings then surely induction cooktop will pay for all these itself. However, somehow it is right as the quality of product demands that. The choice is all yours where you want to spend money. You can spend it on cleaning and repairing of a product, or even you can spend only to have a good induction cooktop.


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